West Cary

by Marianne Howell Wright

West Cary is New

When I think about West Cary I think new. Just a few years this area was winding country roads and tobacco barns. It has really changed now. Most of the new neighborhoods are in West Cary. I think of West Cary as being west of hwy 55 and north of hwy 64. It includes most of zip code 27519. Most neighborhoods in this part of Cary are Mixed Use Planned Unit Developments. These developments will have thousands of square feet of commercial space along with the residential units.

The first large development to go “out west” was Cary Park. Many others followed along including  Amberly, Copperleaf, Highcroft and Highcroft Village, Weycroft, Carpenter Village, Cameron Pond, and an over 55 community, Carolina Preserve at Amberly.

Cary is a planned town with ordinances that require roads and schools be in place to serve any new developments.  It’s so clean and new. The schools are high tech and parents are very involved.  Here are a few photos of Highcroft Elementary